Exhibitor Testimonials


Testimonials from our Exhibitors

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“Overwhelmed by the number of stalls & the quality of the exhibitors.”

Sebi Joseph


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“This exhibition has been very interesting for our organisation. Very important for us to be here. Everybody is really happy about the visitor quality and we look forward to 2024.”

Massimo Bezzi


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“The response was really good – people from all over India have visited and it’s the best platform to meet all our customers.”

Mrugesh Shah

Jainox Engineers

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“We have got a lot of advantage by being part of this exhibition. We got a lot of contacts of vendors and it is a great set up.”

Bhupat Khunt

Fujitec Express Ltd

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“It’s a very impressive set-up and we are glad to make so many connections here. The knowledge gained here is invaluable. Can’t wait for 2024.”

Daniel Swett


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“Very professionally organised show and we have had lots of footfalls. We got to meet many new companies and strike deals with them. This Expo has set high standards which is a benchmark for future exhibitions in India.”

B. Kumaraswamy


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“The organisers did well to pull in international as well as local crowds.”

Akaash Goyal


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“Great platform to gain & share knowledge.”

Soumen Choudhury


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“Our experience in this exhibition has been very good. We met all our old clients and others. The exhibition looks well organised. We will come back for the next show.”

Stefano Giradi


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“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this exhibition. Montanari thinks that India is the future and we have invested a lot and look forward to coming back.”

Nicola Da Riol

Montanari Group

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“India is a new market for us and it’s our first fair and are very glad to be here. ”

Ahmet Gulhan


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“We have participated in ISEE and the response is good and we feel it is the right time to showcase our products.”

Rajiv Shukla


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“Seen a maximum number of footfalls in this Expo.”

Sreekumar Nambiar


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“The show attracted customers from Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities and Bharat Bijlee was pleased that we got an chance to give them details about our range of products. ISEE has appealed to elevator people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.”

S Lakshmanan

Bharat Bijlee

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“This is the biggest exhibition that I have attended and got to learn so much. Thank you organisers !”

Fred Ernest

Interconsultant Ltd, Tanzania

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“No other organiser has promoted and marketed the show like ISEE.”

Hiren Panchal


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“This is the first time that we are exhibiting here in India and have made some great contacts.”

Richard Anabelle

Kapok 88

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“Good exposure to smaller Cos & big OEMs.”

Hari Krishnan

Power Climber

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“Great show and very interesting to see how the India market is growing. Good to make great new connections here.”

Bhavesh Mistry

Brugg Lifting

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